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Yellow Tongue: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Yellow Tongue is a harmless condition that usually occurs when dead skin cells, bacteria or other Particles build up on the tongue surface. Possible causes of yellow tongue include the black hairy tongue, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth or mouth breathing, geographical tongue, use of medication that contains bismuth, mouth wash that contains oxidizing agent and smoking.

If the yellow tongue is only the issue you should not consult a Dentist but if you are experiencing abdominal pain, blood in your stools, vomiting, fever, bleeding while brushing then you should visit the dental office immediately.

To treat a yellow tongue, take one part of hydrogen peroxide and five parts of water and rinse your mouth out several times with water. If you are fed up from the black hairy tongue brush your teeth twice a day and raise your mouth out with water a few times a day.


Try to avoid smoking as much as you can. Your orthodontist may prescribe you medicine to handle dry mouth and for increasing the amount of saliva in your mouth. If you are using any medicine that is increasing the dryness of mouth, then you should ask your orthodontist to recommend or change your medicine. Avoid excessive use of medicine like tobacco, alcohol which can increase the dryness of your mouth.


The geographical tongue can be treated by using pain relievers or mouth wash and anything else according to your Dentist's recommendation. Use a tongue scraper for removing dead cells m debris and food from your tongue. If you are still not sure about how to prevent yellow teeth contact IVANOV Orthodontic Experts to consult with the Dentist and get proper treatment for prevention.

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